Older Peoples Programme

This programme is aimed at the older members of the groups that are participating in our Peace III programmes and activities.

The programmes take place on days during the year and are mostly themed, Spring, Easter, Summer, Halloween & Christmas.

The participants come from the 3 district Council areas, but can be open to other groups from other areas.

The programmes include a wide range of Arts & Crafts, Music, Story telling and Dance.

They are designed to allow the particapants the opportunity to meet in an informal, friendly and safe enviornment, to share experiences and make new friends .

A Typical programme

Arrive 10.00 / 10.30am

Tea / Coffee / cakes / scones /etc

Introduction to the days programme.

11.00 / 11.30am Group divides into smaller groups for art/craft workshop or other activity.

12.00 / 12.30 Lunch with tea / coffee

12.45 / 1.15pm Relax with Music & Dance and a chance to have a chat.

1.30 / 1.45pm Group leave

We offer a choice of varied Lunch menu and a range of activities run by our staff or invited facilators. Times can be flexible and transport can be arranged.

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