Day Study Tours & Skills courses

As part of the PEACE III adult programme we have planned a number of study tours & courses up to the end of March 2011.

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 Reports on activities


Study Visit to the Nautilus Centre in Kilkeel on 5th May 2011

  Fires had raged all week in the Mournes and the number of people coming out on this study visit was smaller than expected. We decided to visit the Ballydougan Pottery and Scarva   on our way to Kilkeel. The journey took us through the drumlin area of Co. Down. Everyone admired the beautiful farmland and enjoyed talking to the potter at the Ballydougan Pottery.

The blackened trees and burnt heather caused   by fires could be seen along the road on our way up to the Spelga Dam. Indeed smoke was still trailing from the hillside. The staff at the Nautilus Centre in Kilkeel   made us very welcome. We looked at the display. Connor, the marine guide at Nautilus, related stories that he has collected from local fishing families. Everyone really enjoyed the stories. The craic was “ninety”. People felt at ease with each other. The warm   atmosphere encouraged all of us to reminisce and to share our personal stories.  Everyone felt included and appreciated.

Many thanks to Eamonn, our volunteer driver, who added immensely to everyone’s enjoyment of the day.

This day has been most enjoyable. Angela and Marie are sure that this study day contributed greatly towards achieving the aims of the Peace 3 programme.


Study Visit to Newgrange on 28th April 2011

A long journey to see grassy hills, stones with carved shapes and a light tunnel, what was it all about wondered some of our group. The guides at Newgrange and Knowth suggested some possible reasons why there was a building boom 6 thousand years ago in the Boyne Valley. On the journey home there were plenty of ideas discussed. One knowledgeable guest has offered to take us all to the less famous but “most impressive Ballynoe Stone Circle” near Downpatrick. Feedback was positive and encouraging, “interesting day”, “ met lovely people and made new friends”, “a memorable trip”, “good company”, “well organised”, “a fabulous day-unforgettable. Thank you. (see pictures in gallery)




Study visit the Stormont & the Titanic Quarter, Wednesday 23rd March 2011

Visit to Stormont and the Titanic Quarter on 23rd March 2011

Our visit to Stormont and the Titanic Quarter took place on Wednesday 23rd March. We began with a guided tour of the Titanic Pump House and Dry Dock. No one in the group of 18 had ever visited the shipyard so the sheer size of the dry dock, where the Titanic was “graved” was a surprise to everyone. Our guide, Megan, showed us the main bollard, which dragged the Titanic up into the dry dock. We were amazed that one million litres of seawater could be pumped out of the dry dock in 100 minutes.  Photographs of the Titanic in the dry dock helped us to imagine the height of the magnificent ship.

Then it was on to Stormont for a thoroughly interesting tour of the main hall and Senate Rooms. There were lots of questions for the guide and   many of our group followed tradition by rubbing the linen cloth at the exit of the Senate Room.  One lady’s comment on the politicians was “Don’t they look well in their working clothes?” The time we spent listening to Question Time from the visitor’s gallery gave us all an idea of how the Assembly works. The television cameras and recording crews gave a great air of excitement and the number of young students and school children provided hope.

Down Group visit the the Lisburn Linen Centre

Thursday 10th March 2011

Study Tour to the Irish Linen Centre and Lisburn Museum.

On 10th March 2011 we were organised a visit the Irish Linen Centre in Lisburn, for a group of 42 of our Peace III participants from North and South Down. The two guides in the centre were very well versed in the history of flax growing and the making of linen. It was fascinating to see a film from 1950 of flax harvesting in Co. Down. Some of the group   recalled the stink of the flax as it was taken out of the lint holes and spread out to dry. We were all amazed by the softness of the scutched flax.  The guide explained to us that as many unmarried women earned a living by spinning linen thread the name “spinster” evolved to mean an unmarried woman.  Volunteers from our group who tried to spin linen thread discovered that the work of a “spinster” required a lot of skill.

The demonstration of weaving thread into linen cloth, the explanation of what happened on the bleaching greens gave us an insight into the great linen industry. Over lunch in the Pheasant Restaurant at Annahilt the conversation was about working in the mills. Memories had been stirred of old friends and happy days when work was hard and life a little more simple.

We all learned a lot about our own place and each other.

Computer Classes at Hamilton Fold, Ballynahinch, during March & April 11

During March and the beginning of April, we ran beginners Computer classes at the Hamilton Fold in Ballynahinch. The classes offered an introduction to computers to a group of our more mature participants, over a 6 week programme. From not knowing how to switch a computer on to being able to access the internet the classes proved a great success. The classes would not have been possible without the Laptops obtained with Peace III funding in 2010.

Omeath and District Active Retirement Group visit to Glebe House 16th Feb 2011

On 16th February 14 members of the Omeath and District Active Retirement Group visited Glebe House. After a tasty lunch provided by Patrick, the group had a tour of Glebe House and its grounds. They were given a video presentation on the work of Harmony Community Trust. One of the pictures prompted an interesting discussion on   the role of women in different societies. The group left in the late afternoon full of appreciation for the work of Harmony Community Trust and with the promise of an invitation to their club in Co Louth.


Crossborder Photographic Project

On February 4th 2011 the Cross Border Photographic Exhibition entitled People Places and Peace was launched in the Foy Centre, Carlingford. This was an exhibition of photographs portraying scenes of Down, Ards and Louth.

During the workshops led by Helen and Gavin, held between October and February, members enjoyed promoting their own natural and built heritage through the lens, capturing images of various subjects from red doors to stone walls, dragonflies to pumpkins, landscapes and sunsets.

Each in his or her own way expressed a deep appreciation of each subject. Through this work they met new friends and used the opportunity to explore and discuss various environmental topics.

The exhibition moved to Glebe House on Feb 17th where it was ably launched by Maurice Denvir who congratulated the group on their efforts, encouraged them with constructive comments and urged them to continue to use their talents, skills and insight. A delicious supper of wine, cheese and savouries was served by Patrick our cook.

The exhibition remains open till 25th February.

A further field event is planned for May.

New members who are interested in joining are welcome to enrol in a 4 week digital photography class starting in Glebe House in April.

Visit of the Indian Community, Tuesday Club to Glebe House 8th feb 2011

Representatives of Ards and Down senior citizens entertained members of the Indian Community at Glebe House on Tues 8thFeb. Because these groups had met before in Belfast there was a very friendly atmosphere and plenty of opportunity for conversation.  Together they participated in a craft workshop led by Judith O’Neil and after a hearty lunch were entertained by the Kilmood musicians. 

(See pictures of this visit on the Gallery page)

Visit the Belfast Islamic Centre 13th Jan 2011


                                      Group visit to Islamic Centre                                                      Peace III group ladies at Islamic Centre

Visit to The Belfast Islamic Centre January 2011

On Thursday 13th January 2011 we organised a group involved on our adult Peace III programme, coming from Adglass, Greyabbey and Newtownards to visit the Belfast Islamic Centre. This programme is part of the diversity in our community project started in November 2010. After being picked by Ivor driving the Glebe House Minibus, the group arrived at the Islamic Centre to be welcomed by Muhammed and the women's group leader Taghreed. After removing shoes and entering the Centre the group was given cups of tea and delicious Egyptian cakes. The explanation  of Islamic faith and the question and answer session were very interesting. The discussion ranged from the requirements  for the ritual slaughter of cattle to Saturday school teaching of the Koran. A super lunch was served before young men arrived for prayers at 1.00pm We watched and listened as the Iman led about 30 men in prayer. Taghreed prayed in the same room but separated from the men. Before our departure the Iman came to answer some questions on teachings from the Koran.

Photography Day Saturday 12th June 2010

On a wonderful day, 15 adults from the Ards Peninsula, Killough, and Carlingford, met in Newcastle for a day of photography. The common interest was photography and meeting new acquaintances, whom they had met in the previous classes. The visitors from Carlingford all contributed to a most enjoyable and informative day spent in and around the Mourne mountains.

the day began with an explanation by Tom McClean, Project Manager of the Newcastle Regeneration, on how Newcastle has changed in the last 15 years. We then departed for Tollymore Forest where the professional photographer, Gavin and Helen explained how to use some of the fuctions and programmes on their cameras. After lunch we looked at the new Tollymore Mountain centre before travelling on to Meelmore Lodge and to the Rock for more photography.

The group really enjoyed the day and learned a lot.

A follow up to this day is planned for Saturday 31st July at Glebe House.

Spelga Special Day Tour Thursday 17th June 2010

On Thursday 17th June, individuals and Community group leaders from Greyabbey, Newtownards, Ardglass and Omeath participated in a tour of the South Down area. The group all met at Castlewellan Lodge, where Angela welcomed everyone and explained the aims of the Peace 3 programme and glebe House. Myrtle has the guide took the group on a tour of Castle wellan Forest and the Peace Maze. They then went to the Annalong Corn Mill, where an explanation of the water mill was given by Kenny the attendant. After lunch the journey continued to the Silent Vally and then to Spelga Dam. Myrtle told the group about the Mourne Wall and the Granite used extensively for kerbs in Liverpool. The group returned to Castlewellan and then left for their homes. A great day out was had by all and gave the Down and Louth people a chance to meet and make friends.

Tough Times Day Tour Thursday 1st July 2010

Visit to the Saintfield and the Somme Centre

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