Skills Programme

As part of our Peace III Study tour  programme we organised a visit to the Indian Community Centre in Belfast 8th November 10


This programme is aimed at giving people involved in local community groups and interested individuals, the opportunity to participate in cross-community activities within the Ards, Down and North Down Area, during 2010.


It will include:

Informal workshops based on expressed needs and interests, as well as skills, of use to local groups, such as, basic computing, digital imaging, family history, crafts and the arts.


Social gatherings.


Study tours.


The project aims to take advantage of the rich cultural heritage of the Down area and its relationship to our different and shared traditions.


Through learning about the local community and society, as well as networking with people from different backgrounds and cultures, participants will experience the value of positive community relations and working together on a variety of projects.



The programme will encourage people in local community groups to participate in developing cross community activities within the North Down, Ards and Down District areas. 

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